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Tongkat Ali The Secret Root For Arthritis Pain.

What is Tongkat Ali and Where Does It Come From?

Tongkat Ali RootTongkat Ali scientifically called” Eurycoma Longifolia” is a flowering plant which mainly originates from Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand and Vietnam. It is also called Long jack, Tongkat Baginda  as well as many other names.

It’s extracted from the root of the tree and boiled or processed to make coffee, supplements and other potions.

Tongkat Ali extract works by naturally increasing your body’s testosterone and is found in health supplements, which increases sexual desire, libido etc. Recently it’s been beneficial in treating arthritic joint pain, blood circulation and general health.

Tongkat  Ali Benefits ?


Tongkat  Ali for Sexual Performance

Tongkat ali benefits are treated for a wide variety of conditions. Tongkat ali extract is used in the native countries and throughout the western world for its aphrodisiac properties. It is clinically proven that the extract has a profound effect on sexual desire and performance.

It has also been used to treat erectile dysfunction in a natural way rather than taking manufactured drugs like” Viagra”. It works by boosting testosterone levels in men and women which can decrease with age. Strength and muscle mass is also increased making it ideal for bodybuilders and sports enthusiasts who what a competitive edge.

Tongkat Ali For Arthritis Pain

Tongkat Ali makes joints strongerTongkat Ali can be found in supplements which can help with chronic nerve pain and arthritis. One such excellent supplement for arthritis pain relief is Provailen. The Tongkat Ali used in Provailen is super concentrated and therefore extremely strong.

People suffering with arthritis or similar conditions, have weak or less muscles due to limited use. Tongkat Ali works by growing muscle and increasing bone density which in turn makes the joints become stronger .So it gets to the root of the problem rather than just providing you with temporary pain relief.

Tongkat ali benefits are maximised by combining  “reishi” and” capsicum” in producing Provailen. The combination of 3 potent ingredients gives a great boost to fight your arthritic pain. Provailen works by re-balancing your immune system and tackling inflammation fast.

Tongkat Ali For Other Health Conditions

Tongkat ali has been used for hundreds of years in Asian countries as an aphrodisiac and a health tonic to treat various medical ailments including: ulcers,cancer,fevers,high blood pressure,anti aging,wounds,tuberculosis, diarrhea etc

Tongkat Ali side effects

Tongkat Ali side effects from supplements can be noticed if taken in large quantities over an extensive period of time. Some of the side effects include slight increase in aggression, restlessness due to increased energy levels and finally an increase in libido or sexual desire. For some this may be a good thing to improve their love life.

On the other hand, Tongkat ali extract used in Provailen has no known side effects. Provailen uses the TA-50 tongkat ali extract, ie. 50grams of tongkat ali root is used to make 1 gram of extract. This is a highly refined and extremely robust extraction process.

The only discomfort you may feel is in fact when you first start taking Provailen you may experience symptoms such as dizziness, headaches, rashes and bouts of high blood pressure and diarrhea.

Dont worry, this will clear up after a few weeks or so. This is because Provailen is flushing out toxins from your system that have collected. This should stop once your body gets used to Provailen.

If you suffer from a heart condition, have high blood pressure or are pregnant please talk to your doctor before you start taking Provailen.

Who Makes Provailen?

Provailen is manufactured by RDK Global who is a reputable and established company within the pharmaceutical industry. Based in Dallas Texas  Provailen is manufactured in a FDA registered pharmaceutical facility.

Highly concentrated, pharmaceutically potent ingredients are used which work in harmony with each other to give you the purest, strongest, product and ensuring you complete satisfaction. To read more,or ask any questions  regarding Provailen, please visit their official site.


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